Legal SaaS AI Platform LawGeex Raises $12 Million in New Funding

Eden Shochat (left) Aaron Rosenson and Michael Eisenberg equal partners at Aleph VC, investors in a $12million funding round for LawGeex.

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 17, 2018 (10AM EST) – LawGeex, the leader in Contract Review Automation for businesses, announced today that it closed a $12 million funding round led by venture capital fund, Aleph. The investment brings LawGeex total funding to date to $21.5 million. Previous investors, including Lool Ventures, also participated in this round.

The LawGeex SaaS platform is disrupting the $700 billion legal services market by using AI to remove the legal bottleneck of reviewing and approving everyday business contracts before signing.

“We help businesses run faster and better by automatically answering one simple question: ‘Can I sign this?’” said Noory Bechor, co-founder and CEO of LawGeex. “Customers who once waited weeks to get a simple contract approved can now complete the entire review and approval process in under sixty minutes. Legal teams can finally focus on the big picture instead of getting lost in paperwork.”

In February, LawGeex revealed that its AI bested top US lawyers for the first time in accurately spotting risks in everyday business contracts. The study, carried out in collaboration with top academics at leading universities, saw the LawGeex AI achieve an accuracy of 94 percent, while the lawyers achieved an average of 85 percent. It took 92 minutes for the lawyer participants to complete all five NDAs compared to only 26 seconds for the LawGeex AI.

“After seeing little to no change over the last 400 years, the legal industry is undergoing profound upheaval,” Eden Shochat

Aleph, who led the round, has a track record in backing companies disrupting traditional industries. The team previously invested in Lemonade, CommonSense Robotics, and WeWork. Aleph partner, Eden Shochat, will be joining the company’s board. The additional capital will be used by LawGeex to fortify its position as the category leader, deepen its product offering, and expand its US presence following the opening of its New York office earlier this year.

“After seeing little to no change over the last 400 years, the legal industry is undergoing profound upheaval,” says Shochat, who previously founded the deep learning based face recognition startup bought by Facebook. “The recent explosion of LegalTech, with LawGeex leading the charge, will continue to expand exponentially. We believe the LawGeex approach of combining a pre-trained AI with the experience and knowledge of expert lawyers, is ultimately more powerful than either one alone.”

About LawGeex:

LawGeex ( is transforming legal operations. The LawGeex Artificial Intelligence solution helps in-house legal teams automate the review and approval of everyday contracts.

Founded in 2014 by international lawyer Noory Bechor and leading AI expert Ilan Admon, LawGeex enables businesses to remove the contract bottleneck, helping them focus on high-value tasks instead of getting lost in paperwork.

LawGeex ensures the simple question “Can I sign this?” doesn’t slow down businesses, while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency. Suitable for legal teams of any size, LawGeex has customers in over 15 countries, including eBay, Farmers Insurance, Natixis and Lifetime Fitness.

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About Aleph

Aleph is an early stage venture capital fund with $344 million under management. Aleph partners with Israeli entrepreneurs to help scale them into large, meaningful companies and globally recognized brands. Aleph is an Equal Partnership of Eden Shochat, Michael Eisenberg, and Aaron Rosenson. Since its founding in 2013, the fund has invested in over 20 companies including WeWork, Nexar, Lemonade, Colu, Freightos, Windward, CommonSense Robotics, and HoneyBook.


The LawGeex AI-powered platform reduces cost and accelerates deal closure by automating the complex legal work of pre-signature reviewing, redlining, and negotiating contracts. Legal teams can offload routine work to refocus their efforts on strategic issues and reduce risk and cost. LawGeex has been recognized by Gartner and HBO as a leading force in bringing powerful innovation and technology to the legal world. Dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies—including HP, eBay, and GE Power—trust LawGeex.