Top 10 Tweets From Legalweek 2018

Debates about diversity, robot fights and AI featured at Legal Week 2018. Plus has the quality of swag gone down? Here are the top 10 Tweets from #Legalweek18

1. Fight!

Two AI-driven case analysis systems in New York squared up. CaseText’s CARA went head-to-head against the newly-launched  Ross Intelligence, offering, EVA.  Casetext CEO Jacob Heller challenged his competitors at Ross Intelligence to a #robotfight. The blow-by- blow fight here.

2. Time for a drink?

Try a Smoking Gun or a Litigation Supporter via Above The Law columnist Zach Abramowitz.

3. Pulp Fiction director or Top Tennis player?

AI was definitely a hot topic again this year at Legalweek. Thomas Hamilton, VP, Strategy & Operations at ROSS Intelligence provided a new benchmark for competent AI.

4.  Lack of Diversity in LegalTech (part I)

The lack of female panelists was a running theme at the session, here voiced by Alex Smith, law firm, Reed Smith’s first innovation manager.

5. Lack of Diversity in LegalTech (part 2) 

Laura Safdie, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel at ‎Casetext however, gives credit to the wide array of “fabulous women leaders and women-led companies to follow” in the world of LegalTech. Names include Chief Innovation Officer at Integreon, Basha Rubin CEO at PrioriLegal, Monica Bay, legal writer, Jean O’ Grady, lawyer and blogger, Carolyn Elefant, lawyer and blogger at MyShingle, Nicole Black, legal technology evangelist from MyCase.

6.  Lack of Diversity in LegalTech (part 3) 

David Colarusso, Director of Suffolk University Law School’s Legal Innovation and Technology Lab, says LegalTech gender bias begins in the naming of solutions.

7. Getting your awesome startup featured in top legal press

John Malpas, Publishing director, Legal Week, at ALM  tweets a session where top legal journalists talk about he secrets of getting their attention. The tips included to send journalists two sentences ( max) with your story, make it practical, why you are different and why it matters.

8. The pen is mightier than the swag

Andrea Cannavina, director of the Virtual Bar Association, and CEO of Legal Typist bemoans the lack of good swag.

FYI, LawGeex 2018 edition robots all went!


9. Law still stuck in the past?

Abraham Lincoln joined proceedings. We are not really sure why either.

10. Is Legal week in good shape? 

With 9000+ attendees there was a lot to get in and several tweet takeaways.  Lucy Bassli formerly associate GC at Microsoft (launching an exciting new consultancy InnoLegal Services  at the event)  tweeted her conclusions from her first Legalweek. This included “Robots getting sh*t done @lawgeex” (thanks!);  Legal service delivery lapping the practice of law; getting smarter (help the dumb contracts!); Law firm profitability vs law firm revenues and “Process before tools. ” LexBlog Editor Kevin O’ Keefe  claimed that online demos and social media is increasingly taking a bite out of even top conferences. “Attendance and sessions feel reasonably strong at @ALMMedia’s @LegalweekShow, but booths/exhibitors look down” he tweeted. Meanwhile there was this advice from Ansel Halliburton, Fullstack Legal Engineer at Airbus.

Until the next conference!




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