LawGeex Launches Definitive In-House Counsel Guide to Change

LawGeex, the leading AI contract review platform for businesses, has today launched The In-House Counsel’s Guide to Change Management. This is a unique, free, downloadable guide revealing the secrets of change management achieved by the most successful and innovative legal departments in the world.

The book includes simple, practical advice based on dozens of interviews and real life experiences from in-house lawyers, psychologists, and legal experts. The guide features the challenges, results, and strategies of companies including Pearson, Telstra, Avis Budget Group, NetApp, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Centrica, Royal Dutch Shell, Staples, Verizon, Adobe, and many more.

The scale of legal change 

The guide finds that four leading law departments alone – JP Morgan, Telstra, NetApp,  and AIG – have collectively cut more than 500,000 hours each year of unproductive hours as they face the biggest challenge ever experienced in law. This is being replicated across tens of thousands of legal departments facing up to the challenge of delivering more efficient and strategic legal operations.

Change is here. Legal teams are facing unprecedented demand for innovation, with only 28% hiring more staff, while almost two-thirds of legal departments report an increase in legal matters. Technology is also automating basic legal work, while 65% of in-house counsel are taking part in strategic business thinking, requiring a change in mindset to achieve the highest levels of pay and job satisfaction.

Download the eBook and learn the secret art and science of proven and lasting legal change management strategies, in response to the biggest challenges ever faced by in-house legal teams.

Other exclusive graphs, tips and findings in the guide include:

  • The definitive eight-stage process for lawyers starting a change management program from scratch, from identifying opportunities, to measuring and reinforcing success.
  • A major review of the psychological effects of change, aimed primarily at the legal profession, based on real-life cases.
  • The results of feedback by businesses following major legal change.
  • The challenges of leaving out steps during a legal change management process.

Noory Bechor, CEO and Founder of LawGeex: “Innovation is undoubtedly the hottest theme in law. While legal is lagging as one of the last professions to embrace change, leading in-house lawyers are bringing fundamental and lasting change to legal departments, businesses, law firms, and the wider economy. This is the story of that journey.


Mick Sheehy, GC of Telstra: “Too much focus on maintaining the status quo ignores the fact that the environment around you is rapidly changing. Just as traditional law firms become disrupted by niche players using lower cost jurisdictions, specialist service providers and technology, so too will the ways in which corporate clients expect their services to be provided by in-house legal teams. We need to innovate just to stay still.”


Donna Kolnes, Adobe’s associate General Counsel: “As technology explodes, especially around machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is more important than ever that in-house legal departments be able to pivot along with the business.  This guide brings much needed and timely advice on how to do just that.”


Áine Lyons, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, WW Legal Operations: “Great to see LawGeex focusing on change management which is by far the biggest challenge Legal Operations professionals face when transforming their in-house legal departments.”


Download the guide today to learn the secrets to lasting in-house innovation.


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