Innovation Worth Celebrating: Our First U.S Patent

Today I am extremely proud to announce that LawGeex was granted its first U.S. patent.

The patent, US 10,891,699 B2, recognizes our leadership in the legal technology community, and the proprietary algorithm behind our Contract Review Automation solution.

At the core of LawGeex’s tech stack is a contextual AI-engine that understands not only the language of the contract, but the intent and objectives of the parties to it. Our technology not only automates the contract review process but identifies discrete legal concepts within a contract the way an experienced attorney would, only faster. It uses contextual analytics to capture and address nuances in contracts that no other tool can, thereby eliminating the need to trade off the quality, speed, and costs of traditional contract review.

An incredible five years have passed since we applied for this patent, so it’s only natural to reflect on what we’ve been able to achieve in this time. We’ve been lucky enough to serve dozens of forward-thinking companies who understood very early on that status quo was not an option and sought out a solution that would accelerate deal closures without compromising accuracy.

Our clients have found tremendous value in our solution and today, we’d like to thank these visionary enterprises for pioneering the new era of legal along with us.

I also want to thank our co-founder and chief technology officer, Ilan Admon who helped me bring the dream of LawGeex to life and is responsible for this patent.

We are honored to be at the forefront of innovative technology and committed to empowering the legal community with solutions that help them close deals with more speed and precision they ever thought possible. This patent protects our innovation and demonstrates the value of our leading solution. When legal teams can let go of the status quo and strategically delegate contracting work to technology, organizations can remove legal bottlenecks at scale and transform the way they compete.

Noory Bechor

Noory Bechor is the Co-Founder and CEO of LawGeex. Noory was a lawyer at a top law firm when he experienced firsthand the pain of creating and reviewing everyday contracts manually. Convinced the process could be automated, he founded LawGeex in 2014.