Winning In LegalTech: Nature Or Nurture – The DNA Debate

Recent months have seen well-publicized developments in the legal industry as Axiom abandoned its IPO plans, and Atrium shut down. Meanwhile, investment continues to pour into LegalTech, and companies such as Linksquares, EverLaw and Eigen score large investment rounds to continue product development and expansion. What gives? Are there commonalities between these two groups? The … Continued

How to Train Your Lawyer

Legal training doesn’t end in law school. Every client continues a lawyer’s training – for better or for worse. Your lawyer may already be well-trained, or may have picked up some bad habits over the years. You may need to break those bad habits, or you may have a new lawyer who hasn’t been properly … Continued

Smarter New Year’s Resolutions for Your Startup or Small Business

People routinely make New Year’s resolutions, and just as routinely break them before January is over. How can you make resolutions for your startup or small business that you can actually stick with? Habit-Forming Some resolutions are one-shots: this will be the year you lose 20 pounds, finally get the new website up, or find … Continued

5 Smart Ways to Use Post-Xmas Downtime to Improve Your Business

Unless you run a retail store, a pizza delivery service, or a bowling alley, the week between Christmas and New Year’s (also known as WAC – the “week after Christmas”) is probably the slowest, quietest time of the year for your startup or small business. About 26% of businesses, small and large (such as Oracle), … Continued