28th January 2020

LawGeex announced today that their award-winning pre-signature Contract Review Automation platform now requires zero change management for customers. 

A first in the Legal Tech industry, the platform provides rapid time-to-value – in weeks rather than months – and full redlining rather than simple issue spotting. 

LawGeex Zero Change ManagementTM is evident in three major areas:

  • Rapid setup. LawGeex deployment can be accomplished in as little as a few days. Customers simply provide a handful of contracts and LawGeex derives a customized playbook for each contract type to reflect internal policies. 
  • Risk-free adoption. Guided by the knowledge that many legal tech deployments fail due to low user adoption, LawGeex requires no login or learning curve. Users continue to use their familiar tools – MS Word and email. 
  • Workflow ready. Developed to reflect the processes of legal teams, LawGeex integrates into existing workflows (e.g. CLMs, Salesforce, Ariba). Users continue to send or submit contracts using their existing processes, and they receive back an MS Word document with redlines and comments tracked, just as if they had sent it to a colleague.

“We’re able to get LawGeex up and running in days,” says Amy Manning, VP of Customer Success at LawGeex. “Between the speed of deployment and the fact that we require zero change management, it takes a very short amount of time for customers to see value in our technology.”

LawGeex will be participating in Legalweek, New York, February 3-6. The company invites GCs, CLOs and legal teams to come by their booth, demo their award-winning platform, and find out how they can achieve a risk-free, rapid deployment of LawGeex to accelerate deal closure.

About Lawgeex

The LawGeex AI-powered platform reduces cost and accelerates deal closure by automating the complex legal work of pre-signature reviewing, redlining, and negotiating contracts. Legal teams can offload routine work to refocus their efforts on strategic issues and reduce risk and cost. LawGeex has been recognized by Gartner and HBO as a leading force in bringing powerful innovation and technology to the legal world. Dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies—including HP, eBay, and GE Power—trust LawGeex.

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