5 Things in LegalTech: The Empire Strikes Back+Funding of the Week

Your time is short. This quick read gives you 5 things you need to know from LegalTech in the past seven days.

Meet The Women Of LawGeex Disrupting Legal

Lauri Donahue, LawGeex Director of Legal Content on the importance of women within tech, law and legal technology. 

The 5 Most Awesome Online Training Tools For Lawyers

Online training has become ubiquitous. This learning, entirely through the internet, has grown with the popularity of multimedia elements gamifying study through graphics, audio, quizzes, and video.

The Legal Oscars: Sensational Lawyer videos you need to see

5 Tech Startup Leaders On Revolutionizing The In-House Legal World

Michael Mills, the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at of legal AI company, Neota Logic, discusses a diagram that set him on a path to revolutionizing the in-house legal world.

London next stop for GC Tech Masters Summit

London is the next stop for the agenda-setting gathering of corporate counsel talking legal tech implementation.

The Land Before Legaltech: 10 Unbelievable Stories

In 2018, of course, all lawyers are using legal tech.

These are technologies changing the face of lawyering and providing automation alternatives for manual tasks. In legal AI alone, the speed and accuracy of legal technology solutions have improved, at the same time as the landscape of categories and vendors has grown.

Australia’s Spectacular LegalTech+GDPR the Pop Years

Your time is short. This quick read gives you 5 things you need to know from LegalTech in the past seven days.

6 Takeaways from creating a “Bible” for LegalTech

The In-House Counsel’s Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide 2018  is a free 80+ page piece of content. It includes graphics, 20 expert contributors (some of the top legal journalists, vendors, tech experts, and in-house lawyers), and analysis of 16 different categories of legal technology.

It was grueling, with research spanning a year.

Thankfully, the hard work seems to have paid off. In the first day, the guide hit 1000 downloads. In the second week, 2,000 downloads, and rising. Though a buyer’s guide is not exactly cinematic, the reviews at least show we produced something the legal profession has been asking for.

Is Tech actually making Legal better? 5 top law departments speak out

In his essay ( Lawyers and Technology: Frenemies or Collaborators?) lawyer and journalist, Mark Cohen, shows how technology is transforming every sector of the legal profession. Yet in a traditional profession, tech is not always warmly embraced. Cohen points to the fear that technological advance is playing its part in ending”lawyer hegemony of legal delivery” and is debunking “industry myths including that all work performed by lawyers is bespoke”.  So do those adopting technology in law departments feel the tech-fueled world is a better or a worse time to be working in the legal profession, and what are the challenges it brings?