White House Calls for Ban on Employee Non-Competes

Reuters reports that the Obama administration has called on US states to put a ban on employee non-competes in many employment agreements that prohibit workers from taking jobs with the employers’ competitors.

According to the White House Press Office, non-compete agreements narrow employment options for an estimated one in five workers in the US. About 30 million US workers are affected by non-competes.

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New Law May Force GCs to Revise Company Contracts

A new California law will change the way that thousands of corporate counsel draft company contracts.

Many companies with employees in California have tried to have their contracts governed by the laws of other states or countries and to have disputes heard in those other locations.

For example, a company might specify that a contract would be governed by the state or country where it was headquartered or incorporated, if that state or country’s law was seen as more favorable to employers.

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LawGeex Pro Launch: Contract Review Solution Designed for Corporate Counsel

The LawGeex team has been working hard on our product offering, today launching the most advanced Artificial Intelligence contract review technology, now fully customizable and designed specifically for Corporate and General Counsel.

LawGeex Pro is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to automatically review contracts, using the General Counsel’s own pre-defined legal criteria or checklist paired with custom workflows. Read More

LawGeex Wins THINKstrategies’ Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Award

New BoSS Logo-high resolution

We’re thrilled to announce today that our team at LawGeex has won the Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Awards.

The BoSS Awards is awarded by THINKstrategies’ Cloud Computing Showplace to recognize SaaS companies that are delivering measurable business benefits to customers.

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Sales vs. Legal: 6 Ways In-House Counsel Can Turn Conflict into Harmony

Sometimes people in Sales may feel that it’s the job of the Legal department to prevent deals from being signed. It’s a common source of conflict in many businesses. However, In-House Counsel can change conflict into harmony, and turn the situation around, reducing the tension between these important business functions and creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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LawGeex Launches First Ever Law-Bot on Slack

LawGeex + SlackAs the leading AI-powered contract review platform, we’re excited to announce today the first ever Law-Bot on Slack, helping to accelerate and streamline how businesses review contracts. Slack’s first ever ‘Law-Bot’ alleviates the inefficiencies of reviewing contracts whilst bridging the gap between legal and other core business units, removing legal bottlenecks, and reducing dependency on email. Read More

Protecting Yourself and Your Legal Rights When Playing Pokémon GO

Most mobile games are harmless. When Candy Crush took the world by storm, it was definitely addictive and may have resulted in the occasional sore thumb, but it wasn’t really dangerous. Now, the latest game craze, Pokémon GO, has already put players in harm’s way, since its release only two weeks ago. What are the dangers and how can you protect your safety and legal rights playing Pokémon GO?

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Building Bridges: 6 Ways to Make Your In-House Clients #LoveLegal

As an in-house lawyer, it’s your job to meet the legal needs of your company, advise Boards, and mitigate risk. However, in-house attorneys often get a bad rap for being over-cautious, delaying deals, and focusing on what people CAN’T do.

While it’s not your job to be popular, it’s much easier to achieve everyone’s goals when there’s love between departments. It’s win-win. With all the hard work you do, wouldn’t it be nice to be loved for a change? Here are some simple ideas to make in-house clients #lovelegal, and you!

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How In-House Counsel Use Technology to Save Companies Money

Every year, the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) recognizes “Value Champions” – in-house counsel who have “utilized value-focused management practices to cut spending, improve predictability and achieve better outcomes.” One of the criteria is reducing legal spending by at least 25%. These money-saving innovations often involve technology. So what can you, as a leader in your organization, learn from these champions? How can In-House Counsel use technology to save companies money?

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Association of Corporate Counsel Israel Summit #WrapUp

We at LawGeex were super excited to attend the annual summit of the Israeli chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel held in Tel Aviv Israel last week.

The Israeli ACC chapter is one of the largest outside the US, with over 300 members — more than in France, Germany, or Italy. It’s also the fastest-growing chapter outside the US, and one of the most active, with 33 events per year.

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