New Infographic: The Complete General Counsel Gender Breakdown

In a major new report, Landscape of a General Counsel (GC), from LawGeex and the Association of Corporate Counsel,  we see the most comprehensive picture of the General Counsel role across the United States. The findings are based on analysis of 34,0000 US General Counsel on professional social network, LinkedIn, alongside job listings and compensation surveys. In this infographic, we explore one of the key themes of the study,  the breakdown of the General Counsel in the US by gender, and the implications for this crucial role.

The free analysis and report can be downloaded at

Check out the full 30-page report for full data, graphics interviews, and analysis on:

  • The Anatomy of a General Counsel
  • The Fortune 500 GC
  • Gender and the GC
  • GC Compensation
  • The GC Reborn: The New Skills of the General Counsel
  • The New Strategic Leader

Download here

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