London next stop for GC Tech Masters Summit

London is the next stop for the agenda-setting gathering of corporate counsel talking legal tech implementation.

The third GC Tech Masters Summit on October 16 2018  follows the success of the events in New York and Chicago. The intimate and exclusive gatherings provide a platform for top law departments in major cities to show how they have radically transformed their legal processes and achieved Return on Investment (ROI) through legal technology adoption and change management.

Speakers discuss the challenges they have faced both technologically and organizationally. The focus is on what departments are actually doing, and the results they are seeing.

Previous speakers at the GC Tech Masters Summit have included: Cory Sumsion, Director Commercial Counsel, eBay; Chris Bednar, Global Records Manager, Bain & Company; Sam Ranganathan, Senior Director, Legal Operations, AbbVie and the head of Legal Ops, ACC; Lucy Bassli, Chief Legal Strategist, LawGeex;  Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer, White & Case; David Cambria, Director of Global Operations, Law, at Archer Daniels Midland; and Dina Ganz Traugot Group General Counsel and Chief Contracts Counsel, Travelers.

Highlights from Chicago (May 21 2018)

Sam Ranganathan Senior Director, Legal Operations, AbbVie providing insights in Chicago
David Cambria, Director of Global Operations, Law, at Archer Daniels Midland, shares a joke with the audience
John Albright, Chief Legal Officer at HUB International chatting with Lucy Bassli, LawGeex chief Legal strategist
Vandana Dhamija, Founder & CEO, Legal Operations Consulting
Participants leave with swag



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