LawGeex Contract Reviews Now FREE for Personal Use

When I started LawGeex over 2 years ago with my co-founder Ilan, we had one dream – to bring fast, free and accurate legal help to the 85% percent of people who either don’t have, or can’t afford, a lawyer. Finally, that dream is becoming a reality with the launch of free contract reviews.

At the heart of LawGeex is the belief that no one should ever sign anything they don’t understand. So from today we’re letting anyone use LawGeex to check their employment contracts completely free of charge! We’re starting with employment agreements, but this is just the beginning. Over the next few months we’ll be supporting more types of personal contracts, such as residential rental agreements and house renovation agreements.

Our goal here is simple, but we need your help. The more contracts that we review, the better our machine learning algorithms get, and the more people we can help. So upload whatever contracts you have. Give us feedback on your experience. Let us know what you think, what you like, what you don’t, what’s clear, and what isn’t. You can reach us anytime on our contact form or by emailing

Looking forward to hearing from each of you.

Warm regards,
Noory Bechor,

CEO and Co-founder of LawGeex

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