LawGeex Launches First Ever Law-Bot on Slack

LawGeex + SlackAs the leading AI-powered contract review platform, we’re excited to announce today the first ever Law-Bot on Slack, helping to accelerate and streamline how businesses review contracts. Slack’s first ever ‘Law-Bot’ alleviates the inefficiencies of reviewing contracts whilst bridging the gap between legal and other core business units, removing legal bottlenecks, and reducing dependency on email.

The LawGeex Slackbot enables any Slack user to upload contracts via a direct message or by adding the bot to a team channel – e.g., #legalteam. Once a contract is automatically reviewed by LawGeex, users receive a contract score and summary of any issues found, back into the same DM or channel that the upload came from. Should teams require more in-depth reporting or automated review based on custom criteria, LawGeex offers this added service through LawGeex Professional Plans.

“By launching the first ever ‘Law-Bot’, we’re giving the 3 million daily active Slack users access to their very own AI in-house legal counsel. The integration is a natural next-step to bring our artificial intelligence powered contract review platform closer to where our customers are,” said Noory Bechor, CEO of LawGeex. “Speed and efficiency are critical in today’s business environment and LawGeex is committed to ensuring that management and salespeople negotiate and sign-off contracts in the shortest possible time.”

LawGeex allows users to upload any type of contract to its platform and receive, within 24 hours, an in-depth report of what’s good, bad or missing from their contract. The platform delivers the technological upgrade legal teams and sales departments are craving, by automating a traditionally tedious process.


Screenshot_Slack lawgeex bot close up2

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