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Top 10 tweets and trends from CodeX 2017

CodeX, The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics hosted the FutureLaw 2017 conference on April 6. It saw a galaxy of legal technology speakers including Gillian Hadfield (professor of economics at the University of Southern California); Lucy Endel Bassli,… Read More

What Suits can teach us about AI Law

In the opening episode of hit TV show Suits, Mike Ross finds himself in an interview for a legal associate position despite having no formal qualifications. Mike has never stepped into law school, yet wants a job in the most… Read More

7 thoughts on Lawyers losing their jobs to Robots

Noory Bechor, CEO LawGeex In a detailed piece, The New York Times looked at the likelihood of robots taking lawyer jobs. It was not alone in raising this scenario. In the same week came different stories with similar headlines: “Fear… Read More

One Hour Contract Approval

The One Hour Contract Revolution

One hour. It is something that still has meaning when it comes to speed and efficiency. The world’s most innovative company, Amazon has revolutionized shopping, offering One Hour delivery of goods. The online giant is even rushing steaming food from the best restaurants in… Read More

What Our $7m funding means for LawGeex?

Today we announced our new $7 million funding round which was led by a group of top-tier investors, including Japanese-based HR and information services company, Recruit Holdings, the owner of See our full press release here. This funding… Read More

Legal SaaS A.I. platform LawGeex raises $7 million in funding round

Legal SaaS A.I. platform LawGeex raises $7 million in funding round TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, March 7th, 2017: LawGeex, the leading A.I. contract review platform for businesses, has today announced the closing of a $7 million Series A funding… Read More

We went to a legal conference and did this…what happened next?

It was one week before the legal industry’s main tech conference, Legalweek. For the past two years, the LawGeex team of lawyers, engineers and data scientists worked day and night,  enhancing and revising our contract review automation platform. We… Read More

Top 10 tweets and trends from Legalweek 2017

  New York in February saw the latest in legal news, predictions and buzz for three days at Legalweek 2017. We picked the 10 best tweets from the conference, revealing the essential legaltech trends. 1. The minority in the legal… Read More

Sales vs. Legal: 6 Ways In-House Counsel Can Turn Conflict into Harmony

Sometimes people in Sales may feel that it’s the job of the Legal department to prevent deals from being signed. It’s a common source of conflict in many businesses. However, In-House Counsel can change conflict into harmony, and… Read More

5 Ways Your Business Can Be More “Legal-Ready”

Whether you’re a freelancer, head of a startup, or a seasoned small business owner, you’ve probably experienced a common headache: legal bottle-necks that seem to make closing deals take forever.  You’re counting on that revenue to make payroll… Read More